Drop-in at Limestone Deposits

Drop-in Day 2 & Talk, 28 March
12-18:00 talk with Rose Nordin
15-16:00 meet Annie Jael Kwan @alikati from @asia.art.activism and co-editor Joanna Wolfarth @joanna_wolfarth

Drop-in day 2 of Limestone Deposits (from the archipelago) with current takeover artist Rose Nordin(@amokamok ). Rose will be present from 12—6pm at LImestone with a curated selection of South East Asian texts and an archive of publications from Malaysia. 

Rose will be hosting an online Zoom session with Annie Jael Kwan from @asia.art.activismand co-editor Joanna Wolfarth at 3pm CEST discussion on ASIA-ART-ACTIVISM: Experiments in Care and Collective Disobedience – a polyvocal collection of original essays, texts and images by leading academics, artists, curators and activists, which explore questions of diaspora, collectivism, and solidarity in art practice, pedagogy, and theory.


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