Asia-Art-Activism @ Practise Till We Meet, esea contemporary

📍 @eseacontemporary (Manchester UK)
📅 4 MAY 2023 intervenes in the project space at @eseacontemporary, as part of the exhibition, Practise Till We Meet (📅Now On from FEB 18-MAY 28, 2023), that examines current diaspora narratives conditions. 

🌿On Show
📅Now On from FEB 18-MAY 28, 2023
Together with a display of its publication, Asia-Art-Activism: Experiments in Care and Collective Disobedience, and a set of drawings with a screening of art film In 1875 We Met At the Docks of Liverpool 《1875 於梨花埠遇上》by Yarli Allison that reconfigure memories of disappeared diasporic histories in Hong Kong and the UK, AAA also presents a one-day live event.

🌿Roleplay Game Workshop
📅 4 MAY 2023
Join for an a gaming experience, “Docks & Seamen”, created and led by Yarli Allison @yarliallison and writer Yin Lo @yin.lo.writer. Drawing from their respective research into the Chinese seafaring communities in the UK in the North West, the game reconfigures the board game ‘snakes & ladders’ to offer multiple journeys shaped by choices and chances. The roleplay game aims to open up conversations that thread older Sinophone diasporic histories with contemporary questions of Chineseness, migration and community, along with struggles of survival and resilience in the face of racism and precarity.

🌿Roundtable Discussion
📅 4 MAY 2023
The game session is followed by a roundtable discussion led by curator and co-editor, Annie Jael Kwan @alikati, with artist filmmaker Clare Chun-yu Liu @clarechunyuliu and Kai Syng Tan @kaisyngtan (Twitter @kaisyngtan) (artist, curator, academic, consultant, agitator, change-maker, volunteer and gatecrasher). 

With further reference to the publication’s themes, the discussion explores artistic strategy for engaging with notions of diasporic Asian identities, communities and solidarities within the post Brexit, post-pandemic challenges and the precarious cultural landscape of the UK.
🔗Please register here.

Images (1) @eseacontemporary (2) Clare Chun-yu Liu (3) Annie Jael Kwan (4) Kai Syng Tan (5) Yin Lo (6) Yarli Allison (7-10) Works by Yarli Allison now on show


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