Design Luminaries: Superflux in conversation

📅 TUESDAY 28 MARCH 2023, 18.30 – 19.40
🎈@designmuseum auditorium

⛓ in bio

Join Co-Founder and Creative Director of Superflux, Anab Jain in conversation with Curator Annie Jael Kwan on imagining alternative worlds through speculative design.

Join us for the final event in our limited series of conversations with eminent and inspirational designers, live streamed to partner Higher Education Institutes across the UK.


@superfluxstudio is a Studio for Speculative Design and Experiential Futures. Responding to the extraordinary times we live in, Superflux was founded by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern to address urgent challenges and propose positive changes. Their practice poses alternative modes of existence, asking ‘what if?’ in the face of major issues, seeking to expand dialogues and experiences beyond the dominant human-centric frames of reference. Driven by the creativity that shapes democratic and positive futures, Superflux defies boundaries, working across installation, immersive experiences, films and research. Join the conversation diving into their inception, journey and vision for the speculative design as a world-building tool.

@anabjain is a designer, filmmaker, futurist and Co-founder and Director of Superflux. She has led numerous multidisciplinary teams to imagine and build plural futures, enable regenerative innovation and democratise emerging technologies. Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from University of the Arts London in 2022, she also serves as a Professor in Design Investigations at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

@alikati Annie Jael Kwan is a curator and researcher working between the UK, Europe and Asia. 

💡Please note: this talk can be live-streamed free to a student audience on campus, supported by the Emerging Designer Access Fund. A limited number of free tickets are available through our Emerging Designers Access Scheme, if you are an emerging designer and facing financial barriers to attend.



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