David Blandy’s Atomic Light at John Hansard Gallery

On Saturday 11 March at 1.30pm, join artist David Blandy and curator and researcher Annie Jael Kwan [@alikati] as they discuss Blandy’s major new solo exhibition, Atomic Light. 
The discussion reflects his use of archives, from pop cultural collectables, through to historic records and collective memories. Chaired by Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé [@megenjm], this event is in-person at John Hansard Gallery.
Atomic Light features four new films and are Blandy’s most ambitious productions to date. The works build upon his continued interest in history, the legacy of empire and the climate crisis. 
The script for Empire of the Swamp was written by Joel Tan @joltahn a playwright based in London and Singapore. Joel’s script is a fable of nature and the repercussions of colonialism, a tale of a crocodile who comes upon the soul of a English soldier lost in the swamps. The footage is shot in mangrove forest at the edge of the city, close to where my Grandfather was captured in WW2 after becoming lost for days with his comrades; his life exchanged for a packet of cigarettes. The film continues to a city graveyard, Bukit Brown Cemetery in the heart of the island; still in use but much of it decaying and overgrown- rich in biodiversity, slowly being swallowed up by new roads and new housing. 

With thanks to @alikati Annie Jael Kwan @joltahn Joel Tan for the script
@jaiwho Jai Rafferty for beautiful cinematography 
#JoelGay for your hours of wandering in the forest

Atomic Light – David Blandy / 11 February 2023–6 May 2023 / John Hansard Gallery, 142–144 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DU 
Co-commissioned by @johnhansardgallery and @townergallery
With support from @aceagrams & #TheElephantTrust & @screenarchivese Screen Archive South East
@seventeengallery @luxmovingimage

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