AAA Radio: A Series of Uncomfortable Conversations #1: Speech Acts


Asia-Art-Activism’s new project, the AAA Radio Show launches with its first podcast that is also the first episode in the series titled “A Series of Uncomfortable Conversations”.

This first episode is hosted by AAA Resident DJ Cường Phạm, who is joined by AAA members – Annie Jael Kwan, curator of Being Present, a performance programme developed in response to the exhibition titled Speech Acts: Reflection-Repetition that was presented at the Manchester Art Gallery from April 2018-2019; artists Ada Hao, Bettina Fung, Nicholas Tee, who performed in the Being Present programme; and guest contributor Hammad Nasar, who is curator of the Speech Acts exhibition with Kate Jesson.

The discussion explores working with, without and within institutions, representation and remembrance, diaspora artists, migrant bodies, and what constitutes the accepted art historical narrative.

This programme is presented by Asia-Art-Activism, with the support of Arts Council England, SOAS and Something Human. Our lovely new AAA Radio logo is made by our generous friends at Qu’est-ce Que C’est Design.

This podcast will also be presented as part of the Cover Collaboration with the Paul Mellon Centre’s British Art Studies journal.


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