Podcast: food and politics

For this recent @sifa_sg podcast on food and politics, Cheryl Ho was in conversation with Anna Santomauro @annasantomauro83 and Annie Jael Kwan @alikati

An intellectual inquiry into community and collaboration with organisation, ArtsCatalyst (UK), and artist network, Asia-Art-Activism (UK / Asia). Curators Anna Santomauro and Annie Jael Kwan share knowledge on the organisational capacities of the arts to tackle global ecological issues.

The conversation also uses food as an entry point to larger social, economic and environmental concerns. Whether it’s over a potluck or a Zoom-luck, how can we continue to increase our understanding of other cultures? Can art offer productive tools to sustain communities and the climate?

ArtsCatalyst @artscatalyst is an organisation that works across art, science and technology to produce new art exhibitions, events, and publications.


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