Yoshiko Shimada: Chu-Pi-Ren!

In tribute to International Women’s Day, artist and activist scholar Yoshiko Shimada pays homage to Chu-pi-ren (a radical women’s group in the early 1970s) with a banner that references Matsuzawa’s ‘banner of disappearance’.

Shimada’s pink banner reads ‘Let’s have misogynists disappear, let’s go, Let’s go. Anti-hate committee’.



Images and video: Annie Jael Kwan

This research was undertaken as part of my research residency in Tokyo in 2020, which was kindly supported by Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS), Diverse Actions and National Arts Council Singapore.

The Diverse Actions Leadership Bursary is a Live Art Development Agency (LADA) programme as part of Live Art UK’s Diverse Actions initiative to champion culturally diverse ambition, excellence, and talent in Live Art. Diverse Actions is supported by an Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence grant.

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