AAA Radio: A Series of Uncomfortable Conversations #4: Activism

For the last broadcast in the first season of AAA Radio, Asia-Art-Activism in collaboration with performingborders will discuss the challenges of marrying the aims and contexts of artistic practice with activist agendas. How can art engage meaningfully with urgent socio-political issues? How can we understand the impact of politically engaged art practices and practitioners beyond raising awareness about a cause? How can activist aims and events negotiate with the embedded power structures of arts institutions and global art events?

This conversation brings together reflections and perspectives from different projects that have been carving out creative spaces for co-existence and solidarity for diaspora and migrant communities: Annie Jael Kwan, Cuong Pham (Asia-Art-Activism) and Alessandra Cianetti, (performingborders) and independent researcher, Cecilia Wee.

This session was a live recording (04/10/19) of a roundtable conversation with the participation of the audience.

This programme is presented by Asia-Art-Activism, with the support of Arts Council England and Something Human.

Image: Migrants in Culture stress balls for a Hostile Environment

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