DIY Workshop: Potluck Stories

Totally stoked to be doing this workshop with artist Jack Tan. I’ve been deeply inspired by his practice and rigorous research for a long time, and he’s an amazing cook. Win-win!


A weekend of intercultural grocery shopping, culinary adventures and sharing stories about ingredients, journeys, migration, nationality and material culture.

Deadline for applications: 2pm, Thursday 20 June
This DIY is supported by BUZZCUT.

Project summary

Potluck Stories is a workshop that uses food, cooking and hospitality to have discussions and share stories around anti-racism, representation, barriers between communities and lesser known cultural and historical narratives. Participants will learn to navigate three local supermarkets from smaller minority communities in Britain (e.g., Kurdish, Roma, Thai, South Indian/Sri Lankan and Malaysian) in an anti-racist and intercultural shopping spree.

Guided by artist Jack Tan, curator Annie Jael Kwan, and invited immigrant cooks, participants will encounter new as well as familiar ingredients as cultural objects embedded in and with stories of settlement, empire, trade and nationalism. Participants will then be given the opportunity to meaningfully research and make a dish from these supermarkets and come together in a celebratory potluck dinner discussion.

How to apply

This workshop is open to artists, community organisers, and anyone interested in food as a container of stories and a bridge between cultures. We particularly welcome those from migrant and diaspora backgrounds and/or those who work with those communities in Glasgow. Participants do not need to be good cooks but should know their way around a kitchen and have a curiosity about new foods.

The artists

Jack Tan (artist) and Annie Jael Kwan (curator) have been engaging in multiple dialogues around ‘Asia’ and activism in their research-led practices. This workshop develops their shared interest in methodologies of working with food and communality as practice. Jack is an artist who explores the connection between the social, the legal and art and he creates performances and participatory installations. Annie is an independent curator and researcher. Her work explores borders, movement, identity and futurity in contemporary and live art.


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