FLOW: Gesturing the Region



Into the Sea (2013), Le Brothers


Alongside the weekend of Frieze in London, Asia-Art-Activism held a three-day programme of activities at Raven Row. On the first day, I shared a screening programme of performance videos from Southeast Asia.

Gesturing the Region
This series of videos brings together performances that manifest a sense of the spatial via the gesture or movement – be it the intimate, local, regional or metaphysical. Collectively, they provide a complex and yet temporal mapping of Southeast Asia, whereby movements thread within, across and beyond its geographical borders. Curated by Annie Jael Kwan

The videos are drawn from the open-access Southeast Asia Performance Collection (SAPC) at the Live Art Development Agency. The SAPC invites researchers, artists, and arts professionals to further explore contemporary Southeast Asian live and performance art practices. The collection was donated by Something Human, and was made possible with the support of Arts Council England, National Arts Council Singapore, and the Artists International Development Fund.

AAA FLOW Gesturing the Region videoscreening 2018


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