Art Nomads—Karvanserai کاروانسرای

Art Nomads is a collective whose membership is made up of artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, Kurdistan, Syria, Poland and the UK. Their transcultural exchange and collective art practice is a reflection of them as immigrant artists from different nations, many fleeing from wars, insecurity as well as injustice from their respective nations to a rendezvous in the Republic of Ireland.

The artist makers Muhammad Achour, Antonio D’Souza, Hina Khan, Tomasz Madajczak, Roxana Manouchehri, Joe Odiboh, Rajinder Singh, Amna Walayat and Insaf Yalçinkaya who come from a range of cultural and dispersed global locations are also from a spectrum of art praxis; architecture, painting, movement based art, miniature painting, poetry, sculpture & video installation. Working with Spanish Irish-based filmmaker Helio León, Irish sound artist Mick O Shea and producer Laragh Pittman, Art Nomads’ new work Karvanserai’ at Pallas Projects/Studios offers a meeting and resting place for migrants from the long and tough journeys of life. This work has come out of their Arts Council funded project Souk/Bazaar’s participatory process. 

In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, I was introduced to Ireland-based multidisciplinary collective of ten migrant artists, Art Nomads, by artist Jesse Jones, and as co-mentors to the group, we all began to get to know each other across timezones, geographical distance, and various professional and personal challenges. As diaspora and migrants we shared experiences of working from the marginalised minority and precarious arts sector, while also understanding the difficulties of navigating displacement and cultural translation.

Read about their journey to meet and collaborate with the Nhà Sàn Collective, a lumbung collective at documenta15.


Art Nomads—Karvansarai کاروانسرای
A Video Installation at Pallas Project studios

Preview: 6–8pm Thursday 22nd September Exhibition continues: Friday 23rd September – Saturday 8th October Gallery open: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday

Keynote: Diaspora Worldings
In this presentation, curator, researcher and educator, Annie Jael Kwan, reflects on the radical entanglements of diasporic criticality, lived experiences and speculations that expand ideas of space and time. Weaving the interpersonal and professional, diasporic attention offers potentialities to reimagine new and old worlds. Followed by conversation with guests from Nhà Sàn Collective and Streetview Anderlecht, chaired by Rajinder Singh.

Free, please register.


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