AAA Sharing Session: Bettina Fung / Sau Bin Yap / Sunil Shah

Date/Time: 31 August 2018, 6.30-8.30pm
Venue: Raven Row, 56 Artillery Lane, London E1 7LS

Please come and join Asia-Art-Activism’s second ever ‘Sharing Session’ at Raven Row, London. This month’s session will focus on practices including the curatorial, infra-structural, research driven and aesthetic. Artist Bettina Fung will present her interest in ‘lines, movement and connections’ and the idea of weaving a narrative web connecting Asian artists and art professionals in the UK. She takes up her Researcher-in-Residence in AAA this September, and will speak alongside artist, educator and Rumah Air Panas (KL) member Sau Bin Yap who will present an over-view of his work as an artist interested in philosophical questions around the meaning of art, the development of artist spaces and his engagement with media. In addition, the artist, curator and writer Sunil Shah will be present to share recent projects and his approach to criticality and interconnectivity in working across disciplines within his practice.

study for Grant Phantom 2004 (1)

We will also be joined by Asia-Art-Activism’s ‘Associates’ who work alongside Joon Lyn Goh, Annie Jael Kwan and Erika Tan to program and co-ordinate AAA’s research events and other activities. Current Associates: Bettina Fung, Ada Hao, Tram Nguyen, Will Pham, Samboleap Tol, Matthew Wang, Sau Bin Yap and Abbas Zahedi. These are rolling positions and a way to inform, direct and develop the work of Asia-Art-Activism.

The next Sharing Session will take place on Sept 21st, 2018
The Sharing Sessions are a way for artist, curators, writers, researchers and AAA Researchers-In-Residence to open up their working process to scrutiny and collective discussion. They are currently facilitated by Erika Tan alongside the development of a closed peer-to-peer program of critical discussions around ‘practice’. Please get in touch directly if you would like to take part in either of these sessions.Asia-Art-Activism is a cross-disciplinary and intergenerational network of artists, curators and academics investigating ‘Asia’, ‘art’ and ‘activism’ in the UK. If you are interested to find out about aspects of Asia-Art-Activism’s work, the Researcher-in-Residence programme, or becoming an Associate, please come and join us, or find us on Facebook or here: https://asia-art-activism.netThe Researcher-In-Residence format has been devised as a way in which artists, curators, researchers whose interests interconnect to that of Asia-Art-Activism, can be supported by and share space with other Asia-Art-Activism members at Raven Row.Current and future RRs:
9th July – 31st Aug 2018: Will Pham
9th July – 31st Aug 2018: Matthew Wang
1st Sept – 28th Oct 2018: Ada Hao
1st Sept – 28th Oct 2018: Bettina Fung
29th Nov – 21st Dec 2018: Caro GervayBiographies and further information:
Bettina Fung is a Hong Kong-born British-Chinese artist based in London. Her practice explores what drawing can become and focuses on the performative aspect of drawing, where process is as much a part of the work as the end result. Themes of ritual, liminality, Taoist philosophy and more recently, notions of productivity and progress are subjects of interest. Bettina’s background is in computer animation, where she gained her degree in Bournemouth University (NCCA) in 2005. She has exhibited nationally and abroad. She was the recipient of awards such as the a-n Artist Information Company’s New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 and Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts award in 2018.

Sau Bin Yap teaches at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia. He is a member of Rumah Air Panas [RAP], an artist initiative based in Kuala Lumpur. He had received awards in the Young Contemporaries Arts Award by the National Art Gallery, Malaysia in 2000 and 2002 and has participated at the JENESYS Residency program in Japan in 2008. His practice encompasses conceptual work, installation, mapping project and curatorial project with RAP. Yap had also worked on the ‘Narratives in Malaysian Art’ volumes published by Rogue Art. He has also served on the jury panel for the 2013 Young Contemporary Arts Award in Malaysia; as nominator for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize from 2014 to 2016, AIR Programme Recommendation Committee 2016/2017 at Arts Maebashi, and the Hugo Boss Asia award in 2017. Recent curatorial project includes ‘ESCAPE from the SEA’ organised by the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.

Sunil Shah is an artist, curator and writer based in Oxford, UK. His work examines aesthetics, practices and knowledge formation in art and photographic histories. Shah has curated exhibitions at the Royal Geographic Society, the Royal Institute of British Architects, Brighton Photo Fringe, Oxford University and the New Art Exchange in Nottingham. He is Associate Editor of American Suburb X online visual culture platform and a curator on the International Curators Forum Beyond the Frame programme. Shah is currently curator-in-residence at Metal Culture, Liverpool and has a solo show of his personal work, Uganda Stories on show at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

Image Credits:
Bettina Fung- The space between the lines, pt1: Technicolour; Performance Drawing; Dur: 6hours; Created at 139 ArtSpace, London, UK; 2016 (Photography by Andre LL Media)

Sau Bin Yap, Study for Grant Phantom, 2004

Sunil Shah, Untitled, 2012, from the series “Family Stories,” digital C-type, 30 × 25 cm.


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